Melrose Place in Paris!


At the beginning of the month, my stylish Parisian friend Nissa opened her consignment shop in downtown Paris!

The official opening party is tonight so I asked her if I could feature her boutique on my blog today. And she said "Of course!"

I met Nissa a few years ago, when she visited the room in our London house that would be hers for a while. In the first few minutes it was clear that Nissa liked vintage and was just passionate about it. One of the first things she asked me was where to shop vintage in London. We had been friends ever since.

Her love for vintage fashion dates back to her early childhood, when her father took her to a consignment boutique called "La Boutroc", owned by Babette, who was well-known in the neighborood. La Boutroc was one of the well priced consignment shop in Paris (we all know how Paris can be expensive), and really everyone loved Babette and her boutique.

Last year, Nissa's father heard that Babette wanted to retire from the business. He said so to Nissa, and my friend decided to take it over and to give it her own twist, while keeping the original spirit of the place. She worked alongside Babette, who showed her the rope of the business for about a year. And now she is ready to run the place on her own.

That is how Melrose Place came to life. From consigment store with a 30 years old reputation. And now it has a 90's vibe to it, as the name suggests. A place like Nissa, original and vibrant.

If you would like to visit Melrose Place, it can be found in Paris at 18 Beaunier, from Tuesday to Friday 11am to 7pm and on Saturdays from noon to 8pm.

Or online, on Facebook and Instagram.

For my part, I can't wait to visit, as some pieces look so cute and Nissa promised that prices are low! :)

Pictures by Nissa herself!

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