Sunday, 20 April 2014

Saturday's Stuff I Like (on Easter Sunday!)

(I understand it's now Sunday, by the way Happy Easter! I had written my post yesterday but needed to add a few things and then I forgot... The last point is the culprit!)

Spring is getting there! I cannot say it has sprung quite yet but the snow is almost all melted: it's a good start!

This week I've been getting my motivatoin back and it feels good. I'm not sure if it's the Spring thing but I'm getting ideas and it excites me!

Staionary. I get phases when I'm excited about stationary. As I was saying this afternnoon, they usually say: "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have". In that sense, because I want an office job I'm better getting back at organising my paperwork in style!

Today I have found a clothes rack that I liked and that was not too expensive. I haven't set it up yet, so I hope the final result is not too shabby looking!

I went shopping today and even though in my mind I was going to spend my whole paycheck on beauty bits I only bought 2. Here's to saving money!

Rosé wine! It is officially Spring so I can get away with drinking the Rosé! Not that I would mind to drink it in the Winter, but the past few months I got white wine. But I decided that it was the Easter weekened and shoo Winter, Rosé is here!

Hope you all have a great Easter with your loved ones!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Rimouski Beauty Haul

You may know that I livein a village far far away from city centres. Lots of the majors stores are not readily available. Many beauty brands are not present where I live. Of course. you can always shop online but I like to see the product before buying and living in Canada means we,  most of the times, need to pay extrotionate shipping fees and/or duty fee.

So when I go "in town" I usually let myself loose! Last Friday I went to Rimouski, which is a 4 hour drive away to go. Another 4 to come back. It is still not really what I call "in town", but they have a Target and a Winners, so that's a happy MsBubu!
We first did the mandatory stop to Wal-Mart. M y local Wal-Mart (a mere 2 hours drive) isn't the best stock, and they do not carry Wet N Wild, that I wanted to try for a while. Back in the teenage years I have tried Wet N Wild (I was living elsewhere) and was not really impressed but since the last two years the brand pops up a lot on beauty bloggers favourite post, with their Coloricon eye shadow trio. I popped 2 in my basket, Silent Treatment and Sweet as Candy. I've also been longing to try their Megalast nail polish, specifically in 2% Milk as it is a favourite of Alexfashionbeauty and since we have similar complexin, eye colour and hair colour, I thought it would suit me well. (Oh yeah, it might have to do with the fact I have a girl crush on her). I also grabbed Sugar Coat and Wet Cement. 

Bonne Bell is a brand that my W-M carries, but only lip balms. I remember it fondly from my teens. I pick up the Paradise Nail Lacquer. A thing I just noticed is that they have a peel-off tag you have to get rid of in order to open the bottle. It's the only place where the colour is written. So that means when I open the bottle I won't have the name anymore, unless I stick it underneath it and DYI something. Not good Bonne Bell!

It was my second incursion  into Target. Yes I know, Looser! It was the last stop we made and we were kinda in a hurry (not me but my driver) so I just made my way to homeware and the Sonia Kashuk and NYX counters. My sights were on the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa (even though I'm in a nude phase doesn't mean I forget my bold roots) and the Xtrme Lip Cream in Candy Land. Swatched on my hands I thought it would be more of a gloss, but it's similar to the matte ones. I also got two of the Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk and Black Bean. I already got a Jumbo Eye Pencil in another colour and liked it. And because I knew we wouldn't have time to go back to WM, I picked up Essie's Hide & Go Chic. You can see it in action on my last Manicure Monday post.

Winners, my love! I had to go twice in order to check all I wanted to. First time was beauty and deco. Second time fashion and accessories. Winners can be really good when it's time to makeup sets, and as you can see I came home with two of them. OPI Take Ten came out last Fall, and contains 10 mini of nude and vampy shades. Because i'm in a nude phase, I was drawn to it by the first row, but upon inspection the second row has some good shades too. I do have to say I'm not a big fan of reds in general, but Cajun Shrimp looks gorgeous! It also has mega stars like You don't Know Jacques and Licoln Park After Dark.

Then I just couldn't pass the NARS Andy Warhol Kiss Larger than Life Lip Gloss Coffret! Look at the packaging! I has 5 shades, mainly nudes and pinks but also one silver glitter. Because Halloween is every year...
I know lots of people say the NARS lipgloss smell disgusting and I never had problems with that. But I have to say this one smells!

I also got the Alba Botanica Natural Hawaian Coktail Body Wash in Creamy Pina Colad as this smells just so nice! It truly is a good representation of what the name says! Also, becauseI'm running low on facial scrub I got the Natural Hawaian Facial Scrub from the same brand. They say natural on the packaging and from the quick look I got on the ingredients it doesn't seem so bad, but it's not 100% natural. but for the most part it's good.

Have you done a bit of shopping lately? What are your favourite spots to shop?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Manicure Monday: Essie Hide & Go Chic

Today's manicure is courtesy of Essie. Part of their Spring 2014 collection, Hide & Go Chic stroke me as being the most unique of the bunch. It does remind me of a Nails Inc for Diet Coke polish, Denim, that I sadly left in the UK. :(

Essie Hide & Go Chic can also be compared to denim and the pigmentation is quite strong. I put two coats for good measure but could have gone with one. The finish is super glossy!

I did have difficulty applying it, but it is nit due to its formulation. A combination of fluff appearing out of nowhere and my parents walking like elephants around me made my application look like a 5 years old! I had to clean up the mess left on the skin next to my nails, but you may know that darker colours are not easily forgiving!

As seen in the pictures, it would look good paired with lime green and apricot, as well as mint and coral. It will be a good transitionnal shade too, as I can easily see it in a summer vibe and autumn's!

Have you tried any of the new Essie shades?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Best of the Web #2

Here is the second installment of the Best of the Web! Enjoy!

I don't know why but I like when people share their groceries! I guess it's because it gives me meal ideas, even though my dad is currently in charge of that because he is so picky! So I liked Nouvelle Daily's Healthy Grocery Checklist. It has all the basics covered for cheap and healthy meals.

If you are nosey like me, you probably like a good makeup organisation post! While I like the ubiquitous  Malm dresser, I like that Paula has something different to share on her Muji Storage and Dressing Table post!

This week, until April 18th, OleHenriksen is offering a Free .5 oz. Invigorating Night Gel on Orders over $75. Code: RENEW. A value of around $15!

I came around this picture yesterday on Instagram and thought it was cute and funny. The best part is that I saw a dog doing the same thing on my way to church this morning! They are taking over! Hahahaha!

Haleigh is a young American woman in Paris and she has wonderful pictures on her blog! This week, she shows us A Room With a View, which is just stunning! I visited Paris a few times, but to be honest I've never seen it from that angle (I don't want to spoil what it is!) It's quite different when you visit a landscape versus when you see it from the front, if that makes sense!

Just like last week, if you have any good links to share, please put them in the comments!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday's Stuff I Like

Woah it was quite a hectic week!

I'm glad I went for my interview! As I said earlier, it was the first in a few years, as I had been at the right time at the right moment, with the good contacts. It went well, I was a little shaky but not that much!

Just after the interview I went to the shopping center and I saw this gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog! I think he was quite young still and he was drooling all over the window and my trench coat! He was just so loving and sweet!

Yesterday I went to Rimouski with my mum and friends. It was about time that I went outside and do some shopping. We don't have a lot of big chain stores here and I was glad to go to Winners and Target. My wallet is also lighter...

Sunshine! The snow is finally melting! And it actually feels like Spring!

Speaking of Spring, Suzanne gave me two tables that I'm going to paint, and I just can't wait to go outside and paint those and other things I have. 

I hope you are all having a great weekend!