Monday, 18 August 2014

Manicure Monday: Nails Inc Savile Row (Guest Post)

Today's guest post is from Ellen from Ellenwarnerxo. Her blog is full of beauty, music and lifestyle post, so check her out :)

Okay so I'm probably a tad early with this post but Autumn is my favourite time of year and I cannot wait for it. What's better than massive cups of hot chocolate and big snugly jumpers (I bet your excited now, huh?) 

Anyhow I was having a look through my large nail polish collection and was throwing out any polishes that weren't usable anymore and I came across this nails inc one in 'Savile Row'. I believe I got this last year and I only used it a few times before pushing it to the back of my collection. I put this on my toes as I'm not allowed nail polish on my fingers for work. As the week passed by, I noticed that this hasn't chipped at all (without a top or base coat.) I have never used a nails inc polish before but I want to purchase all of them. As I was saying, this hasn't chipped at all, I won't insert a photo as feet are pretty gross! This polish is super opaque and glides really nicely onto the nail. It only took one coat as the colour gives off such a vibrant colour. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my little post and hopefully I got you excited for Autumn. Come check out my blog to see more reviews and lots of beauty products. 


Thank you so much Ellen for contributing on MsBubu!

Friday, 15 August 2014

On Holiday!

Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the view
Good morning ladies! I am now officially on holiday and today I'm on my way to Quebec City where I'll spend the weekend before flying to London early next week!

In the meantime, I have preapared posts for you and I also have 2 guest posts scheduled, so it will almost be business as usual on MsBubu! The only thing is that I will probably not respond to comments right away, but please do leave them!

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Have a great one!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bioderma Sebium Review

If the Winter has been cold and dragged until May, we had an especially hot summer until now. 

With this hott weather combined to my oily skin, I just couldn't rely solely on my Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel anymore. I needed something more astringent.

It was by pure chance that I stumble across the Bioderma Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel. I was actually looking for my mum's birthday gift and there was a promotion on Bioderma and I needed a little something to claim my gift. As I saw this one the shelf, I thought it would be more expensive (as the Bioderma Sensibio is quite expensive) but it was only $6.89. Not too bad, and for 100ml,  it's working out a little more than the regular drugstore cleanser.

Bioderma says:

Formulated with non-irritant substances, Sébium Foaming gel cleanses gently.
Sébium Foaming gel reduces sebum secretion and purifies the epidermis thanks to the Fluidactiv® sebum-correcting complex. It also regulates sebum quality.
Its soap-free, washing base guarantees good cutaneous and ocular tolerance.
Sébium Foaming gel is non-comedogenic.

After bringing it home, I was concerned about the colour, and nasty dyes. As I am looking to use cleaner products on my face, it annoyed me. And look at that blue! But the tube specifies that there is no colouring. Thumbs up!

The scent is really lovely, not too overpowering. I would describe it as sweet herbal. As the name suggests, it is a foaming gel, which might be a concern for certain, as it can be stripping. For my part, this is not a problem, but for some they can argue that if you stripe the skin from its oil, the sebacious gland will then go into overdrive and produce more sebum. I didn't notice that. 

As for spots, it stays the same, I always have one on my chin, due to hormones (PCOS). It is under control since June, a little before I started using the Bioderma Sebium Cleansing Gel.

Overall I am really pleased with it and would recommend if you have acne prone and/or oily skin.

Bioderma Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel, in drugstores, is around $7 for 100ml.