Monday, 14 April 2014

Manicure Monday: Essie Hide & Go Chic

Today's manicure is courtesy of Essie. Part of their Spring 2014 collection, Hide & Go Chic stroke me as being the most unique of the bunch. It does remind me of a Nails Inc for Diet Coke polish, Denim, that I sadly left in the UK. :(

Essie Hide & Go Chic can also be compared to denim and the pigmentation is quite strong. I put two coats for good measure but could have gone with one. The finish is super glossy!

I did have difficulty applying it, but it is nit due to its formulation. A combination of fluff appearing out of nowhere and my parents walking like elephants around me made my application look like a 5 years old! I had to clean up the mess left on the skin next to my nails, but you may know that darker colours are not easily forgiving!

As seen in the pictures, it would look good paired with lime green and apricot, as well as mint and coral. It will be a good transitionnal shade too, as I can easily see it in a summer vibe and autumn's!

Have you tried any of the new Essie shades?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Best of the Web #2

Here is the second installment of the Best of the Web! Enjoy!

I don't know why but I like when people share their groceries! I guess it's because it gives me meal ideas, even though my dad is currently in charge of that because he is so picky! So I liked Nouvelle Daily's Healthy Grocery Checklist. It has all the basics covered for cheap and healthy meals.

If you are nosey like me, you probably like a good makeup organisation post! While I like the ubiquitous  Malm dresser, I like that Paula has something different to share on her Muji Storage and Dressing Table post!

This week, until April 18th, OleHenriksen is offering a Free .5 oz. Invigorating Night Gel on Orders over $75. Code: RENEW. A value of around $15!

I came around this picture yesterday on Instagram and thought it was cute and funny. The best part is that I saw a dog doing the same thing on my way to church this morning! They are taking over! Hahahaha!

Haleigh is a young American woman in Paris and she has wonderful pictures on her blog! This week, she shows us A Room With a View, which is just stunning! I visited Paris a few times, but to be honest I've never seen it from that angle (I don't want to spoil what it is!) It's quite different when you visit a landscape versus when you see it from the front, if that makes sense!

Just like last week, if you have any good links to share, please put them in the comments!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday's Stuff I Like

Woah it was quite a hectic week!

I'm glad I went for my interview! As I said earlier, it was the first in a few years, as I had been at the right time at the right moment, with the good contacts. It went well, I was a little shaky but not that much!

Just after the interview I went to the shopping center and I saw this gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog! I think he was quite young still and he was drooling all over the window and my trench coat! He was just so loving and sweet!

Yesterday I went to Rimouski with my mum and friends. It was about time that I went outside and do some shopping. We don't have a lot of big chain stores here and I was glad to go to Winners and Target. My wallet is also lighter...

Sunshine! The snow is finally melting! And it actually feels like Spring!

Speaking of Spring, Suzanne gave me two tables that I'm going to paint, and I just can't wait to go outside and paint those and other things I have. 

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How To Live With Someone Who Has Cancer

Today, as the title may suggest, I would like to share something personnal with you. You may know that I have been back living with my parents for a little while. There are many reasons for that, and I'm not going to get into them all today but one of them is that we had a bad news last summer as my mother has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

She was being followed by doctors because of asthma and from one of her scans from April 2013, they could see she had kind of a lump in that area. She had made a mammography in January already, as we have familly history of breast cancer. After a few biopsies, they found out she had breast cancer and it was a really aggressive form. She then had a complete mastectomy of her right breast, the one that was attacked.

Needless to say we have gone through a lot during those last months. I want to share the way I dealt with it, as it could help others. Most of the tips can also apply to other conditions. It can alsoapply to those suffering with cancer.

Take it one day at a time
In the beginning, it is hard to do because you want to know what's coming and what to expect. Doctors and friends told this advice to my mum and I remember that we had so many questions about the process of treatments! I also remember one of my aunt telling me (she had cancer has well) that the chemo would get worst and not tell my mum about it so she wouldn't be afraid. But one thing that strikes me is that last Fall, mum was going to Quebec City to have a kidney operation (the cancer had spread out) and thinking it was her only solution in order to have chemo. She went there, which is an 8 hour drive from where we live. On the days of the operation, they tols her she couldn't be operated, as the kidney was too affected. They didn't tell her what would be next though. She came back home thinking she would die in the next few weeks. She then threw everythign that was dear to her (mainly her flowers) because she didn't want to leave us the burden of getting rid of it when she was gone. At one point we had to shake her to tell her to stop. That she was still alive and that she needed to "be there" and occupy the space" that she deserved. Throwing everything away was like giving up. I can tell you that she is now seeding more plants and hoarding them like usual! Even when it feels hopeless, you never know. That's why you shouldn't try to see to far. Concentrate on today.

Have Faith
To continue with the story of the death scare my mum had last Fall, I always had faith that my mum would survive. Sometimes you could have said it was wishfull thinking and that I was living in denial. I had many conversations with my dada telling him that she wouldn't die. He told me that I had to accept the eventuality of it. But there was something inside of me that was telling me it would be alright. I already had that feeling when we were rasing funds in College to go to Mexico. Everyone thought that it would not work, because we didn't amass sufficient funds a few weeks prior to departure. But at the last minute, we had a subventions and we actually had extra! The universe has your back! Keep the Faith.

Seek Support
We have been blessed with good friends and familly members that helped us through it. Suzanne, our neighbor is one the most important one. Almost every  week, she and another friend would come on Thursday evening with a meal that they had prepared for us. Two of my aunts from out of town came for a few days to help with cleaning and cooking. My mum also had great support from the OGPAC, a regional association for cancer sufferers. Cancer is bad beast, but many people are going/ have gone through it. You are not alone.

Make fun of it
I think in people's mind, cancer might be one the worst illness one can have. While it is important to treat it seriously (medication, rest, good diet), I think one of the best thing I did with my mum is to make fun of the illness. It may sounds crazy but it helps to make it less scary. Like an ennemy you take their power out of. Sometimes we joke that now that her hair is growing, I won't be able to recognise her from Dad from behind, or we wear her wig. Stuff like that. It helps to laugh and not always be in a pity party mood. My mum is good and she knows I'm not laughing at her but that I diffuse the atmosphere. Be careful with other people, they might be more susceptible.
Go Out With Them
It's difficult to take my mum out sometimes because she is really proud and you cannot really have an improptu outgoing. She has to feel good that day, arrange her scarf, etc. But every time we do something together out of the house, she always tells me how good it feels. Just drag them! It's also good for you, as you're not home listening to pity parties (not that my mum was doing it, she has been really brave!) or having your own. You have to break out of the negativity.

Think about something else
This can be though as everyone in the village would ask me if my mum was alright and stuff. I always tried to talk about the positive. Yes, sometimes she is still weak from chemo, I mention that but I don't dwell on it. When I am with friends, I talk about othe things. Cancer was there but it was not everything!

Celebrate Small Victories
Last week, we had a little gathering for a deceased friend that passed away a year ago. It was also that day that my mum got her results that the cancerous cells were gone and that she was officially good. So we drank to that! I also like to show how her hair is growing underneath her scarf. People are always amazed at how normality comes back quickly! I know she wouldn't do it on her own, so I'm blowing her horn for her :)
If there are more aspects of breast cancer you would like me to cover, please let  me know. 

Please share your own tips in the comments below!

It would also mean a lot if you would share this (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Thank you!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Manicure Monday: Minty Houndstooth

This manicure is actually from a little while ago, but I did wanted to share some pictures, as I liked it a lot. And I also got many compliments on the houndstooth.

I'm into black and white with pops of colour, and I think the best combinations is either gold, pink or, in this case, mint. They just bring a hint of girlyness to the neutral B&W!

The houndstooth is actually nail wraps, as I wouldn't be able to reproduce that on my nails. They are the Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail  Polish Strips I have talked about in my last Sample Sunday post. This is one strip for both my accent nails. That's what I usually do, as I have tiny hands and nails.

If you look close enough, you will be able to see that I had to put some black nail polish on the tip of the accent nail, as it chipped on the first day. This is due to the fact that I had to re-stick it as I misplaced it. And the wrap fell. I didn't have that problem with the other hand. The wraps, made of real nail polish, do chip, so I would suggest to put a top coat afterwards.

The mint green is MUA's Pistachio Ice Cream.  At £1 each, they don't break the bank. They also chip though, so a top coat would be essential. I always forget to put some on. But I like to switch things up regularly.

Please excuse the state of some nails, I was shedding skin :(

Do you have a favourite Spring nail colour or polish?