Review: Le Belle Natural Skincare Cream Cleanser


This is a long overdue post, but at the time I started to use this product, I thought it was a bit "meh" and didn't really think I should write something about it.

This was really a case of living in a damp environment (i.e. London) versus a dry on (East Coast of Canada). When I started to use the Le Belle Natural Skincare Cream Cleanser*, I lived in London and moved to Canada in the summer. My skin was oilier back then. It didn't do anything bad to my skin, but I couldn't see any added benefit. So I used it once in a while, because I did enjoy using it.

Lately I have been using it again, in the morning. I have noticed that in a dry climate (and I would say for dry skin) it performs better. After I cleansed my face with it, I don't feel my skin pulling or being as tight as it can do with other cleanser.

Adding it to my morning routine is the best time for me to use it, as I don't want to wear a heavier face cream to conteract the pulling effect I talked about earlier. In the evening I use a more "abbrasive" product. My skin is on the oily side after all!

The packaging is sleek and really chic, what with the frosted glass. I also rate it for the dispensing pump, which blurts the correct amount of product.

The cleanser is a cream product, which usually works best for dry and sensitive skin. I would describe the scent as "herbally spa", due to the fact it contains essential oils (lemon, lavender and rosemary).  Because of those two elements, the Le Belle cream cleanser ressembles one of UK bloggers favourites, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I also noticed on their website that they sell refills for their products, which I quite like, as you can recycle the bottle (not that I need an excuse anyway, as I love it!)

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  1. Moi aussi j'aime beaucoup la bouteille, elle m'a toute suite tapée dans l'oeil! :)


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